How it Works

The K12 Package

The K12 exceptional curriculum includes the Online Learning School (OLS) with hundreds of online learning modules, activities, games, and tutorials, printed textbooks and resource materials, an MVA or a K12 teacher, and live online sessions with teachers in Blackboard Collaborate.

Parents have access to the OLS to track progress, grades, and attendance. Instructions for creating parent/learning coach accounts and student accounts are available on the K12 website.

Follow these links to view course options for K-8 students and 9-12 students.

A Reverse Pyramid—Time Online vs Time Offline

The younger children are, the less time they spend online; the older they are, the more time they spend online. Kindergarten through eighth grade students will have a learning coach, often a parent, who oversees their schedules and who reports on student progress and attendance. High school students have mentors who play an important supportive role to help the students stay on task and who also report student attendance, but the students are expected to manage their time and academic schedules more directly.

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