9-12 Curriculum

Unlike other programs where a student must be in a particular “academic path” or “track,” the K12 program allows students to take courses at different levels concurrently. It also allows students to take courses in areas of special interest to supplement their normal course of study.

The following courses are taught by MVA faculty members. A first digit of “0″ represents an elective course, a first digit of “1″ represents a ninth-grade course, a first digit of “2″ represents a tenth-grade course, a first digit of “3″ represents an eleventh-grade course, and a first digit of “4″ represents a twelfth-grade course. An asterisk (*) following a course name indicates that it is a semester course. For more information about a particular course, check the K12 High School Course List


Level Course Number Course Name
Core ENG102 Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG202 Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG302 American Literature
ENG402 British & World Literature
Comprehensive ENG103 Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG203 Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG303 American Literature
ENG403 British & World Literature
Honors1. ENG104 Honors Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG204 Honors Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG304 Honors American Literature
ENG404 Honors British & World Literature
Elective ENG010 Journalism*

History & Social Studies

Core HST102 World History
HST202 Modern World Studies
HST212 Geography & World Cultures*
HST302 U.S. History
HST312 Modern U.S. History
HST402 U.S. Government & Politics*
Comprehensive HST103 World History
HST203 Modern World Studies
HST213 Geography & World Cultures*
HST303 U.S. History
HST313 Modern U.S. History
HST403 U.S. Government & Politics*
Honors1. HST104 Honors World History
HST204 Honors Modern World Studies
HST304 Honors U.S. History
HST314 Honors Modern U.S. History


Core MTH112 Pre-Algebra
MTH122 Algebra I
MTH202 Geometry
MTH302 Algebra II
MTH322-AVT Consumer Math
Comprehensive MTH113 Pre-Algebra
MTH123 Algebra I
MTH203 Geometry
MTH303 Algebra II
MTH403 Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
MTH413 Probability & Statistics*
MTH433-AVT Calculus
Honors1. MTH124 Honors Algebra I
MTH204 Honors Geometry
MTH304 Honors Algebra II
Elective BUS030 Personal Finance*


Core SCI102 Physical Science
SCI112 Earth Science
SCI202 Biology
SCI302 Chemistry
Comprehensive SCI113 Earth Science
SCI203 Biology
SCI303 Chemistry
SCI403 Physics
Honors1. SCI114 Honors Earth Science
SCI204 Honors Biology
SCI304 Honors Chemistry
SCI404 Honors Physics
Elective SCI010 Environmental Science*

Technology & Computer Science

Not Applicable TCH010 Computer Literacy*
TCH016 Flash Animation*
TCH028 Digital Arts I*
TCH029 Digital Arts II*
TCH030 Image Design and Editing*
TCH040 Web Design*


Not Applicable ART010 Fine Art
OTH020 Physical Education*

1. Students desiring to enroll in honors courses must have scored in the 85th percentile or greater on a recent standardized achievement test in the subject area and must have earned grades of at least A- (93%) in all previous high school courses in the subject area.

Courses taught by K12 instructors in areas such as world languages and business are also available. For more information about those courses, contact the MVA Administrator.